Real Testimonials


"I was a single parent 15 years ago. As a single parent I made choices to sell almost everything I owned for the benefit of my children. Choices that made me sleep on the floor, stack my clothes on top of cardboard boxes, and choices which limited what foods I could afford. A lot of single parents are ignored based on false judgements. Single parents can become single parents for many reasons. Single parents can be ignored for many reasons on how they look, their race, their age, and their gender. There are no reasons to judge a single parent and only the judgement that children can not fend for themselves. As a former single father it is extremely difficult to find assistance for single fathers. For the reasons above and that I love my mama, I fully support Mama Haven."

-Rodney Davis, father of a truly amazing daughter, in every positive, possible way and an outstanding son that is a veteran and a true gentleman.

Taci Palmer is a single mother that I had the pleasure of connecting with. Her story truly touched my heart. 

Stories like his is why I started my nonprofit. Have a listen ❤️